WonderBold A beautiful story

WonderBold is the new brand of wonderfully bold and exclusive home furnishings.The collection with strong and provocative style is unique in its kind. Always on the border between poetic and minimal style, Wonderbold offers a daring and brave point of view of design.The company was founded by creative director and designer Emanuele Pangrazi, and business entrepreneur John Mabhedege. Wonderbold works in partnership with designers, artisans & craftsmen in the UK, Italy and Europe to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and deliver elegant, authentic and high-end products.

The creative director Emanuele Pangrazi says: “For me, this business represents a personal challenge, a cocoon in which to give birth to a new expression, a new way of making art-oriented design, a place to transform my minimal and rational style into something strong, audacious and irreverent”.

WonderBold represents a different luxury for an extraordinary life. Innovative, provocative and poetic at the same time. An unconventional living.


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